Baseus Home Light Garden Series Intelligent Induction Nightlight White light


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  • Your Warm Company with Light the Whole Year
    Both dry battery and charging models are available;
    In induction mode, the battery can last up to 1 year
    Save your trouble of repeated charging and replacement of batteries.
  • Intelligent Double Induction
    Immediate Light-up upon
  • Every Move
    Double induction elements can intelligently identify the light conditions of the environment and sense the human body to automatically light up, which is convenient and easy to use.
  • 120° Large Wide Angle Induction.Light is Ready even before You Arrive
    The 120-degree wide-angle induction area, automatically sense and light up within 5-7 meters.
  • Doughnut Design Makes Your Dream Sweeter
    Light is like flavoring agents at night, which turns the original monotonous blackinto the warm or gorgeous color with the doughnut’s appearance, the seemingly ignorable stuff is powerful enough to drive away the darkness and bring a sweeter taste to the dream.
  • Name: Baseus Light garden Series Intelligent Induction Nightlight
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Operating temperature: – 20°C~ + 55°C
  • Color temperature: 3000K/6000K
  • Size: 82*82*27mm
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
    Product weight: 65g
    Comes with USB data cable
  • Size: 82*82*27mm
    Battery capacity:1000 mAh
    Product weight: 65g
    *Comes with USB data cable
  • Size: 82*82*39mm
    Battery capacity: 3* AA batteries
    Product weight: 68g
    *No battery available
  • Dual intelligent induction light PIR body induction + photosensitive induction, more intelligent induction
    Long lasting battery life
    Three AA batteries, in the induction mode, the theoretical endurance is more than 1 year (Note: calculated on the basis of induction lighting 10 times per day)
    VO class fireproof material
    VO class fire-proof back case, safer and more reliable.
    Soft LED light
    Optical LED beads, never hurting or dazzling eyes.


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