Tristar Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder


The Tristar PM-4005 Pepper and Salt mills are real eyecatchers on your dinner table thanks to the luxurious, stainless steel design. Both are easily operable with one hand and even have a practical light so you can see how much salt or pepper you add. The perfect accessories for any dinner.

Pepper and Salt Mill Set
The high-quality grinding mechanism is suitable for both pepper and salt, and the grind size can be adjusted by turning over the mills and moving the adjustment wheel looser or tighter. The general rule is that pepper gets ground more finely than salt.

Battery operated
Each mill requires 4 AA-batteries to power the grinding mechanism and the light. These batteries are not included.

What’s in the box:
Two Tristar Pepper and Salt Mills, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar PM-4005 Electric Pepper and Salt Mill Set:

  • Stylish, stainless steel pepper and salt mills that look beautiful on any dining table or in any kitchen
  • One hand operation by using the button on top of the mill
  • Set of two mills, suitable for both pepper and salt
  • Adjust to your preferred grind size by adjusting the wheel for a fine or coarse result
  • Each mill operates on 4 AA-batteries (not included)
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